A Tribute to a Remarkable Entrepreneur

A Tribute to a Remarkable Entrepreneur, 
Leader and Champion of Women in Renewables


Energy Central – March 29th 2021

Kimberlee Centera-TerraPro Solutions


Kimberlee Centera, CEO of TerraPro Solutions grew-up during a time when women were seldom considered management material. Although she was married and had a family, she always pursued her career. When she entered the renewable energy field over 25 years ago, it was a male-dominated club. Although she had the expertise to rise to the management level, she had to take gather the courage to submit her credentials for a vice president position. Fortunately, she had mentors who advised her about how to prepare a compelling case and how to effectively negotiate for herself.

Fast forward to today and we find that not much has changed. The number of women in the environmental sector is rising, but women continue to face unequal pay and barriers to advancement. Yet women have so much to offer, they know how to gain critical insights about situations from their feelings. They possess the skills to thrive in times of complexity and change. That’s why Kimberlee began to develop workshops that provide them with the tools and confidence to advance in their careers and achieve their goals.

As a woman, she is committed to mentoring and nurturing women. As a mother and grandmother, she is devoted to the betterment of our environment and our society. She has made a radical commitment to human possibility, fueled by the belief that kindness is continually an active force for good in our world.

TerraPro Solutions has provided opportunities for young women to grow and advance in their careers. As a society, we continue to benefit from the emotional intelligence, dedication, and spirit of collaboration they bring to the organization. Kimberlee considers this a living laboratory in which to demonstrate that we can all do well by being good humans.

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