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One of the projects that we are particularly proud of having worked on was the Laurel Mountain wind project in West Virginia. It’s a 97 megawatt project developed in 2011. It actually won the award for innovation in power in 2013 because it combines wind and energy storage. So one of the Pioneer projects in the renewables space to really encompass both of those technologies. There were several interesting aspects about this project and challenges one of it one of the primary challenges was the fact that it was in a very remote area of West Virginia. So literally up a mountainside. And we worked very closely with the construction team and the design of the access road to ensure that not only the rights were in place but also to ensure that all of the trucks carrying all of the heavy equipment would be able to get up onto the project site.

Adventures of Closing Financing

The other piece that was very challenging about this project in trying to get it closed was we were in two very small counties that closed down for several holidays and only worked very short workdays which ordinarily doesn’t seem like a problem. But when you have a closing and you’re picking a closing date and it’s very critical to have your debt record on a certain day it’s extremely important to coordinate with your local county recorder’s office especially in some of these more remote counties because there is a very good possibility that they could be closed for rattlesnake roundup week or scrapbooking or any number of of events that may occur in a very small county where there they have other interests besides closing financings for energy projects.

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