Confirming Legal Descriptions for Title Insurance & Financing


Confirmation of legal property descriptions

Depending upon the jurisdiction in which your project may be located, it may be critical that you engage early on with a licensed surveyor or other engineering party that can confirm your legal description. And certain jurisdictions, such as the Northeast, some of the legal descriptions go back over 200 years, and maybe have legal descriptions that cannot otherwise be verified. We have seen cases where legal descriptions start with a fence, that runs to a tree, that runs to a rock. And all of which are no longer existing. In that case, it becomes almost impossible to verify the legal description. Legal descriptions are critical for the title insurance and the financeability of the projects. So, in cases where there may be boundary disputes, those issues must be resolved early in order to avoid issues and costly delays.

Legal counsel presents to the client a signed contract with legal law.
Lawyer reading legal contract agreement in law practice office

Establishing legally-accurate descriptions for Title Insurance and Funding purposes is an essential step.