Due diligence to confirm all parties interest

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verify that all involved are invested

One of the common problems that we see when we perform due diligence and work with developers is the fact that they have not undertaken a review of the records in order to confirm all the parties that may hold an interest in a property. In that event, if you have a lease and it’s being reviewed for due diligence or legal compliance, it is likely that it will not pass scrutiny with the attorneys.

thorough due diligence

Because, not all of the parties that have an interest in the property on the legal record have signed the agreement. In that case we always recommend that our clients perform early due diligence of the title records to confirm that they have all the interested parties on the agreement. Failure to do so can result in costly timing and problematic delays, as negotiations become complex to try to bring in parties who should have been signed earlier in the process.

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In order to ascertain that all of the entities that are listed as having an interest in the property on the legal document have given their consent, thorough investigations need to be done.