Amber Carpenter

Amber Carpenter


For over 23 years, Amber has earned a reputation as an expert in commercial, residential, probate, and Native American leasehold and land transactions title insurance specialist. Her experience as a senior title officer has given her a deep understanding of local and national compliance and closing requirements. She has worked with title insurance underwriters, real estate counsel, municipalities, county clerks, property appraisers, and tax collectors. Her responsibilities included analyzing historic land records, chain of title, and reviewing all documents for insurability and recordability.

An enthusiastic collaborator, she credits much of her success to her relationship-building skills and her clear, effective communication with all stakeholders.

Where do your passions lie in your personal life?  

My biggest passion would be spending time with my 2 sons and my boyfriend. I also have an insatiable desire to learn how and why things work the way they do. Exploring new places, experiencing new music, and trying new things make me happy.


What motivates you?

My biggest motivation is to have a positive impact on those around me. Being able to leave a positive footprint in the lives of others, including my children and loved ones, fulfills me and keeps me going.


What are your proudest accomplishments?

I am beyond proud to have been blessed to raise 2 amazing humans, run 2 half marathons, and broken barriers in a male dominated industry of title insurance.


What do you focus on at TerraPro?

Being given the opportunity to cross industries with my experience in title insurance has been exciting and challenging at the same time. My focus is to learn everything I can about the renewable energy sector and grow within the field. Utilizing my resources and the wealth of knowledge within TerraPro is my main goal.


What do you like most about working for TerraPro?

I appreciate the support and mentorship at TerraPro. Everyone is always willing to share knowledge and advice. There truly is no I in Team and the way TerraPro works together proves that every day. knowledge and advice.

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