TerraPro Solutions - Jillian Ballard 2023

Jillian Ballard


Jillian Ballard is an experienced Title and Real Estate Attorney, specializing in renewable energy development. She has built and ran Land and Title Teams on the Developer side, and enjoys being subject matter expert to help her clients. Jillian has been a key part of numerous end to end utility scale renewable projects, and has developed a keen understanding of the needs of all parties involved including title insurance companies, surveyors, lender and investors. She is a skilled negotiator and drafter, a team player, a creative problem solver, and thrives in fast-moving, complex situations. Jillian graduated with her JD from the University of Louisville and her Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University in German Language and Literature. Jillian currently resides in the mountains of North Carolina with her family and enjoys being in nature whenever possible.

Where do your passions lie in your personal life?

My sweet kiddos are my biggest passion. When I am not chasing around after them, I love to be outside, love to read and usually have some sort of creative project going on the side.

What motivates you?

I genuinely love learning new things. My favorite part of the renewable energy field is that it is incredibly complex and constantly changing and growing. I get very charged off of conversations where I’m able to contribute my expertise and then hear others talk about theirs. I love to surround myself with intelligent, creative people and am lucky to get that opportunity with our clients and my coworkers every day.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

I genuinely appreciate all of the opportunities I’ve had in my life. I have lived in other countries, been fortunate to travel by myself, and have seen and experienced so much. I learned how to work hard going to law school, and learned how to be able to depend on myself once I had kids. I truly believe everything that happens to you is valuable, as it either moves you forward or teaches you a lesson, and that how I’ve always lived my life.

What do you focus on at TerraPro?

I am a creative problem solver first and foremost. “No” does not work for me. I like “how” and “why”.  I love being able to teach others and explain why Title matters and how it impacts projects. I enjoy genuinely connecting with our clients and working together as a part of their teams to accomplish goals.

What do you like most about working for TerraPro?

I am very proud to work for a woman owned and run company. I believe we have one of the best teams in the business, and love getting to learn from every one of my colleagues. Our entire company embodies our Core Values and we use them to lead everything we do.

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