Bailie Lohman-TerraPro Solutions

Bailie Lohman


In San Diego, CA, Bailie enjoys the unique blend of mountains and beaches that the city offers. Growing up, her time was spent camping in the mountains and swimming in the ocean, fostering a lasting love for the outdoors. Whether biking through the city, spending time at the beach, or exploring the mountains, Bailie finds joy in being outside.

At TerraPro Solutions, Bailie excels in client relations and strategic oversight, seamlessly integrating as an extension of clients’ development teams. Her expertise in national pipeline development is crucial to the success of renewable energy projects, perfectly aligning with TerraPro’s mission.

Bailie values family and embraces a philosophy of continuous learning and exploration. She is deeply curious about different cultures, environments, and philosophies, always seeking to expand her understanding and worldview. This curiosity enriches both her personal and professional relationships, fostering strong, empathetic connections.

With a friendly energy and a genuine passion for discovery, Bailie brings enthusiasm and strategic insight to every project.

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