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Jonathan Carter


Jonathan’s extensive real-world expertise includes title research, title review, due diligence and curative for major acquisitions and divestitures. Having managed projects for developers and investors, he understands the dynamics of development and finance. He has negotiated mineral rights agreements, surface waivers and leases. The projects he worked on required substantial knowledge of the local, regional, and national regulatory environment. As a Senior Landman for projects in Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Texas, he efficiently collaborated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He acquired and managed mineral and royalty assets for drilling projects in South Central Oklahoma Oil Province, Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher oil reserves, Powder River Basin, Eagle Ford, the Permian Basin, and Delaware Basin.

Jonathan credits his degree in psychology with giving him the interpersonal skills to build trusting relationships with all stakeholders. When he is not working, he enjoys going to the gym, watching basketball, and spending time with his wife, his daughter, and their dog Buddy.

Where do your passions lie in your personal life?  My passion in my personal life lie in family and friends and just having a great time in whatever I’m doing. I always tell myself, “life is too short, so try your best to enjoy every moment of it!” I love to travel and go to different places and beaches in warm weather around the world with my beautiful family.

What motivates you? Success motivates me, as well as my wife and her tenacity and drive.

What are your proudest accomplishments? My proudest accomplishments are becoming a husband and father to my wife and daughter, as well as my career accomplishments and efforts to continue to push forward for success, even when things don’t seem hopeful.

What do you focus on at TerraPro? I try to focus on being the very best I can possibly be for my team.

What do you like most about working for TerraPro? I like most that I can l consult with an array of different, brilliant minds that are very knowledgeable in different fields and areas, and how much of a family atmosphere we have. I also highly respect and admire our leadership and the leadership style that they bring to the table.

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