Engage with Local Recorder for Recording Project


One of the services that we perform and in connection with the closing is the facilitating of the recording of all the documents. And it usually adds an interesting aspect to our projects especially wind projects that have a tendency to be out in very remote areas. One of the challenges that we encounter when we come to our closing is we we always want to engage with our local title company and our local county office to ensure that they will be available on the day that we want to record. Because even though we believe that our closings are extremely important that’s not necessarily the case with the local clerk’s office. And if you’ve done a lot of work in these jurisdictions and you know that you can run into things like the Rattlesnake Roundup in Wyoming or scrapbooking. We had a case in Oregon where we were trying to close and it was a very small title office and they were having the elementary school in for the day so they told us that we had to wait for our 50 million dollar closing until another day because we couldn’t have access to the recorder’s office that day. And some of these counties you have only one county only one county seat. So they have exclusivity and they’ll dictate to you when your recording is going to occur.