Ensure project contiguity

Power lines with wind turbines

Ensure Project Contiguity by Physical Connection or Documentation

One of the typical lender endorsement requirements is what is called contiguity. What that means is that all of a project for the access, the transmission, the interconnection, the installation of the improvements, all of the project is contiguous or the parcels are all connected in one way or another. This can be done by a physical connection meaning all the projects or all the parcels line up directly or it can be accomplished by way of documentation such as easements, right of ways, and other license agreements. This is a critical component of a project and is frequently overlooked until the start of construction when the construction contractor is seeking to understand all of the rights. We recommend a very close evaluation and review of the title records and all of the project rights encompassing the project to ensure that the developer has closely reviewed and qualified all the corresponding rights for contiguity.

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