Ensuring Interconnection for Project Energization


One of the benefits that we bring to our clients is our full scale development experience and knowledge. So, we have very specialized areas in which we have very broad and deep experience. But we also have the ability to look at projects as a whole and this was particularly important on some community garden solar projects that we’ve worked on for NRG in Colorado; small projects very localized. But one of the issues that we encountered was that we had a certain development schedule that didn’t necessarily coincide with the off taker, where there had to be a transmission line built for the for the projects to be energized. And so when we looked at the information initially, besides commenting on the real estate and title and some of the other aspects, we also made it a point to consult with our developer about the schedule for the off-take and because all this was going to be done by the utility on a private basis, and we were not involved in those negotiations and obviously, we want to ensure that at the time the project was built that the adequate transmission interconnection would be there so the project could become operational.