Ensuring Title Insurance

Ensuring Title Insurance with Direct Access to Public Road

One of the other common pitfalls that we see on project development is a lack of public access. In order for a project to be insurable for title insurance purposes a project must have direct access to a publicly recognized road. This type of access can be very different from practical access because practical access may occur through a variety of paths that may not necessarily be formally recognized public roads.

Planning, Zoning, & Development

So, it’s important early on that you have distinguished your right of access and whether that right of access is actually a publicly recognized road, or some kind of private easement, or other private right. You can do this by working with your title company or by reviewing title records.

Wind Project-Planning, Zoning, Development-TerraPro Solutions
Wind Project-Planning, Zoning, Development-TerraPro Solutions

Adequate site access is essential when developing projects.