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Discover why traditional diversity training programs often fall short of their goals in an eye-opening feature on Women Lead TV. Join Diversity & Engagement Specialist Karith Foster as she sheds light on the ineffectiveness of these programs. In a review of 985 studies covering anti-bias and diversity, it was found that traditional diversity programs may actually have more adverse effects on participants than benefits. Surprisingly, the American Academy of Management found no definitive evidence that training reduces prejudice.

Karith Foster, the brilliant mind behind the groundbreaking INVERSITY™ methodology, is making waves in diversity and culture across academic institutions, organizations, and corporations in America. Her approach to true inclusion emphasizes that everyone should be part of the conversation and the community, leaving no outliers or exceptions. Foster emphasizes the importance of authenticity, humanity, and genuine connections.

Race, identity, gender, discrimination, equity, and belonging are deeply emotional topics that impact us in every aspect of our lives. Kimberlee Centera, the host of Women Lead TV, eagerly anticipates her conversation with Karith and learning about her groundbreaking methodology.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion! Tune in to Women Lead TV on Monday, July 17th at 11:00am Pacific Time to watch Kimberlee and Karith live. It’s a must-watch for anyone passionate about diversity, inclusion, and fostering meaningful connections.

Women Lead TV Features Diversity & Engagement Specialist Karith Foster to Explain Why Traditional Diversity Training Programs Are Not Effective in Achieving Stated Goals