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How can TerraPro Solutions help?

We provide expert guidance in securing financing, navigating complex lease negotiations, and managing title issues.


  • Draft, negotiate and compile executed leases, easement and other site control
  • Review leases, easements and other site control when you purchase projects for terms, payments and comparison to your lease form
  • Review title reports for project purchase
  • Desk-top one owner/GIS review of project siting for red flags/long lead items
    • Railroads? FHA loans? Complex estate issues?
  • Mineral overview of project location and what to be aware of in that jurisdiction


  • Request bids from several title companies and order title commitments
  • In depth review and breakdown of commitment
  • Title Curative Tracker with Vesting review
  • Notes on curative actions included for easy review
  • Work with title for initial clean up and to ensure all property you need has been searched
  • Crossings with utilities
  • SNDAs with lenders
  • General clean up for landowners
  • Work with survey
  • Ensure your title and survey match
  • Only have pertinent items shown on each
  • Use the survey to provide crossing information/Review crossing matrix


  • Complete curative work

  • Obtain executed agreements with lenders, utilities

  • Request proforma

  • Negotiation and obtain ALTA Endorsements needed for your transaction

  • Order title updates for closing

  • Review final design overlay, be sure no last-minute changes have impacted real estate rights or title issues
  • Communicate between title and survey to ensure final title version shown on ALTA for closing
  • Closing checklist, keep track of all moving parts
  • Act as liaison between outside counsel, lenders counsel, investors counsel, title and survey
  • Another set of eye to ensure all Options are exercised, substation parcels purchased and transferred, transmission line rights covered.

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