Kimberlee Centera to Discuss Risk Mitigation with Tim Montague

This live podcast event will be held on Tuesday, October 27th at 10:00am Central Time.

TerraPro Solutions CEO Kimberlee Centera to Discuss Risk Mitigation for Utility Scale Solar Projects with Tim Montague, Host of Continental Energy Solutions Podcast

Kimberlee Centera, CEO of TerraPro Solutions, a renewable energy project development consultancy, joins Tim Montague for an in-depth discussion about solar project risk mitigation. The Continental Energy Solutions Podcast features conversations with leading renewable energy experts. The program explores challenges and opportunities for solar developers.

Kimberlee Centera will address factors that impact project viability including front-end risk assessment, and how meticulous due diligence can satisfy investor scrutiny.

“I am delighted to have Kimberlee on my podcast,” remarked Tim Montague. “On this live edition of the program, listeners will be able to submit their questions to an expert who solves real-world problems for project developers and investors.”

“Understanding how to navigate the various aspects of project development is the key to success,” stated Kimberlee Centera. “As a pioneer in renewables, I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and insights with Tim’s listeners.”

Registration for this live edition of the podcast is free, however, space is limited. To register, please CLICK HERE

Tim Montague Solar PV at Continental Energy Solutions

On this live edition of the program, listeners will be able to submit their questions to an expert who solves real-world problems for project developers and investors.

About Kimberlee Centera, CEO, TerraPro Solutions:
Kimberlee Centera, a trailblazer in the renewable energy industry, is the only female CEO of a privately held utility scale renewable energy consulting practice. She is a risk management expert for the development and financing of large-scale generator energy projects for public utilities and community development. Kimberlee works on complex high-value projects, such as a wind farm development that powers a JP Morgan Chase property. A leading renewable energy expert, Kimberlee has been a guest on numerous radio programs including National Public Radio’s Marketplace. She frequently serves as a speaker and educator at wind and solar conferences.

About TerraPro Solutions:
TerraPro Solutions, a leading risk mitigation renewable energy project development consultancy has generated over 12 GWs in solar, wind, and energy storage. With a total financed value of over $6 billion, it is the top development consultancy in the renewables market. TerraPro Solutions provides high-level expertise in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. Services include site feasibility and land acquisition, due diligence for investment and financing, and construction, compliance, and post-construction operations. TerraPro Solutions’ risk management process includes in-depth risk reviews and comprehensive analysis as well as training that empowers project team members to make informed decisions about risk management. For more information contact Annemarie Osborne 949-237-2906 or Vanessa Faucher 858-573-2000 or visit