Kimberlee Centera

Kimberlee Centera is a trailblazer in the renewable energy industry. She is the only female CEO of a privately held, privately funded utility scale renewable energy consulting practice. Under her leadership, TerraPro Solutions has generated over 12 GWs in wind, solar and energy storage. With a total financed value of over $6 billion, TerraPro Solutions is the top development consultancy in the renewables market.

Kimberlee is a risk management expert for the development and financing of large-scale generator energy projects for public utilities and community development. She possesses the expertise to identify, manage and mitigate risk. She works on complex high-value projects, such as a wind farm development that powers JP Morgan Chase call centers in Texas. A leading renewable energy expert, Kimberlee has been a guest on numerous radio programs including National Public Radio’s Marketplace. She frequently serves as a speaker and educator at wind and solar conferences. She also serves as an expert witness in cases appearing before the federal court.
An enthusiastic champion of women, Kimberlee believes that diversity is essential in meeting the demands of the rapidly growing renewable sector. She encourages and mentors’ women from around the world, by offering them actionable skills that help them to achieve their goals. Recognizing the need to provide women with the tools and confidence to advance in renewables, she has developed workshops that teach women leadership and negotiation skills. The workshops have been presented in collaboration with: Women in Cleantech & Sustainability (WCS), Women of Renewable Industries & Sustainable Energy (WRISE), and Women in Wind Global Leadership Program in association with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Plenty and Scribd, to name but a few.

Founder Kimberlee Centera is a trailblazer in a male dominated industry. She began her career in renewables over 25 years ago at SeaWest Wind Power. In 2013, Kim founded Terrapro Solutions to help fill the needs of the renewable market . She uses her risk management expertise for the development of utility-scale energy projects. She has worked on many high-value projects including the Mount Signal Solar and Buffalo Gap projects.  Kimberlee has provided commentary for National Public Radio’s Marketplace. She serves as a speaker and educator at leading energy conferences.