Buffalo Gap 1 Wind Project Wind 120.6 MW2018-04-05T18:55:01-07:00
Buffalo Gap 2 Wind Project Wind 232.5 MW2018-04-05T18:49:31-07:00
Buffalo Gap 3 Wind Project Wind 170.2 MW2018-04-05T18:47:34-07:00
Spinning Spur Two Wind Project Wind 161 MW2018-04-05T18:45:15-07:00
Buffalo Creek Wind 300 MW2018-04-05T19:33:55-07:00
North Rim Project Wind 55 MW2018-04-05T19:36:44-07:00
Red Mountain Ridge Project Wind 150 MW2018-04-05T19:35:48-07:00
Daggett Ridge Project Wind 200 MW2018-04-05T19:34:48-07:00
Moxie Liberty Geothermal 829 MW2018-04-05T18:23:22-07:00


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