Gold Camp Sacramento, Solar 1229.12 KW2018-04-05T18:17:11-07:00
Office of Emergency Services, Solar 998.3 KW2018-04-05T18:16:16-07:00
Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento, Solar 3.37 MW2018-04-05T18:14:18-07:00
Department of Justice, Marysville, Solar 674.3 KW2018-04-05T18:11:35-07:00
City of Corning Solar 705.6 KW2018-04-05T19:00:48-07:00
Balsam Lake Solar Project Solar 6 MW2018-03-29T17:14:46-07:00
Mount Signal Solar 3 Solar 245 MW2018-03-22T20:38:38-07:00
Mount Signal Solar 2 Solar 150 MW2018-03-22T18:36:09-07:00
Hayworth Solar Farm Solar 33.26 MW2018-03-22T18:23:19-07:00
Redcrest Solar Farm Solar 20.86 MW2018-03-22T18:22:46-07:00


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