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Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento, Solar 3.37 MW2018-04-05T18:14:18-07:00
Department of Justice, Marysville, Solar 674.3 KW2018-04-05T18:11:35-07:00
City of Corning Solar 705.6 KW2018-04-05T19:00:48-07:00
Spinning Spur Two Wind Project Wind 230 MW2018-04-05T19:00:08-07:00
Buckthorn Wind Project Wind 96.6 MW2018-03-29T20:36:41-07:00
Buffalo Gap 4 Wind Project Wind 150 MW2018-03-29T20:05:26-07:00
Seymour Hills Wind Farm Project Wind 80 MW2018-03-29T20:03:25-07:00
Armenia Mountain Wind Project Wind 100.52018-03-29T19:39:59-07:00
Armadillo Flats Wind Project Wind 199 MW2018-03-29T19:38:08-07:00
Condon Wind Project Wind 50 MW2018-03-29T19:19:29-07:00
Condon 2 Wind Project Wind 100 MW2018-03-29T19:03:06-07:00
Lake Benton I Wind 106.5 MW2018-03-29T18:58:40-07:00