Securing Right of Way

Securing Right of Way – The Pathway for Renewable Energy Transmission

Ideal conditions for wind and solar power production are often found in rural areas that have not been an integral part of the national grid infrastructure. A lack of transmission lines to carry wind and solar power from where it is most needed, creates a significant challenge for future renewable growth. To solve this problem, transmission is one of the largest sources of planned capital investment for many power generators.

At TerraPro Solutions, we understand that transmission lines are critical to project development. That’s why we have developed a set of best practices for securing right of way for transmission line construction. A project we are working on right now, illustrates the process.

  • Feasibility analysis of proposed right of way routes to provide access from the project site to the substation.
  • Identification of access right-of-way routes with above and below-ground alternatives, which may include a site inspection for purposes of identifying the most suitable access route.
  • Strategic analysis of the route that is most feasible to utilize as a transmission line right-of way to the point of interconnection.
  • Identification of the parameters and viable alternatives including landowners, title reports, municipal right of way options, permits and franchise agreements within the potential right-of-way routes.
  • Written analysis of the most viable alternative together with a KMZ map that identifies the right-of-way alternatives and recommendation of the preferred route.
  • Negotiation of easements and right of way for transmission lines routing, siting, and permitting to the point of interconnection.

We have developed a protocol with checklists that cover every aspect of the process. We work very closely with all parties to educate them. Throughout all phases we make sure that critical information is transmitted to stakeholders.

Knowledge is power. TerraPro’s due diligence and risk mitigation best practices are designed to deliver data that allows developers and investors to make informed decisions along the entire project saving time and valuable resources.

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