Site Selection

Site Selection…the Key to Successful Renewable Energy Project Development

The competition for suitable land has been amplified by the accelerated transition to renewable energies. Wind, solar, transmission and storage projects always begin with site selection. The increasing complexity of socio-political, environmental, and economic factors requires a comprehensive methodology for land acquisition, permitting and project management, as well as landowner liaison and relationship management with key stakeholders and communities.

A checklist of essential elements includes:

Feasibility studies based on both zoning and availability of surface sites

Review restrictions, constraints, and parameters

• Researching comps to develop recommendations for lease rates

• Identifying landowners along transmission lines within proximity to interconnection

• Identify size of property to determine whether it is large enough for the proposed project

• GIS mapping

• Outreach to landowners to initiate negotiations

• Conducting title searches

• Reviewing and securing permitting and licensing: local, state and federal

• Eminent Domain support if relevant

• Securing right-of-way agreements as needed

• Developing landowner lease or purchase agreement; submit same for legal review

• Developing community outreach and education initiatives to gain support for the project

• Recording all documents

TerraPro Solutions multi-disciplinary approach is the result of decades of real-world expertise in site selection, site acquisition and transaction closing. We understand how to effectively navigate the complex regulatory, environmental, and real estate milieu. Our integrated approach to risk mitigation for complex transactions, results in lower costs and quicker closings.

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