Our CORE solutions

TerraPro provides support throughout the renewable project process; from site feasibility, land acquisition and title due diligence for investment and financing, through closings, and post-construction operations.

Fatal Flaw Analysis

Key project parameter review before major investments and long term commitments.

Site Selection & Feasibility

  • Desktop GIS Review using project design constraints
  • Site review using development best practices

Site Acquisition

  • Landowner identification and initial outreach
  • Site valuation and negotiation terms created
  • Lease and purchase negotiations with landowners
  • Stakeholder engagement

Title Due Diligence

  • Schedule A Vesting Review
  • Schedule B & C Exception Review
  • Easement Restriction Review
  • Curative Tracker Set up and Population
  • Legal Description Review
  • Mineral Severance Review

Title Curative

  • Schedule A Vesting Review
  • Mineral Ownership
  • Subordinations
  • Oil and Gas (Production) Identification
  • Oil and Gas (Production) Negotiations
  • Title Company Coordination
  • Exhibit Review
  • Crossings Management

Survey Review

  • Legal Description Review
  • Survey Review and Management
  • Legal Description (Run Out)

Leasing and Site Control

  • Lease and Easement Review
  • Lease Population (Drafting)
  • Landowner Document Drafting
  • Document intake and QA/QC
  • Landowner/Attorney Negotiation
  • Site Evaluation


  • Title Requirement & Endorsement Management
  • Drafting and management of Required Documents – Estoppels, SNDA , etc.
  • Closing Letter
  • Closing Coordination with Title Company

GIS Support

  • Set Up Maps
  • Run Analytics
  • Create Crossing Matrixes