Survey Creation and Parcel Map Filing for Title Insurance


One of the more interesting projects that we worked on was a Canadian Solar project six-megawatts in Ontario Canada. I think the interesting aspect about this project is that people frequently ask me where we have worked. We’ve worked in many of the states but not everyone. But what we have found over our years of experience is that there is an important protocol that applies in almost every case and this was illustrated on the project we worked on in Canada. We were asked to finalize the title insurance by 12/31 which is always as you know a challenge because most people are checking out for the holidays. We had to retain the surveyor and then actually get the title insurance issued. We found, which you might typically also find in the United States, that there had been no equivalent of a parcel map filed. So, we couldn’t finalize the survey without having the equivalent of a Canadian parcel map done. So, interesting enough, the property had never been surveyed to that level. And all this had to happen in deep snow, up in Canada, you know between Thanksgiving and the New Year holiday. So, we were able to find a surveyor, we actually negotiated a special deal with them to incentivize them to perform the work for us during the holidays. Get the map filed, and we were able to close the title insurance. We also found that the underwriting and the title insurance there is standard ALTA coverage that you can get, there is a package of ALTA endorsements that are available in the United States.

Most of the title companies have embraced that coverage and they’ll write those endorsements for you with a few exceptions but that those are not available in Canada. So, we had to work on very specialized endorsements and craft the endorsements and craft the coverage in order to have it be compliant with Canadian rules and regulations and then also meet the lender requirements which were akin to the typical U.S. ALTA requirements.